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“When I Was Young, My Mother Dreamed of a Brighter Future for Us.

Our family may have been poor but my mother was determined to give me and my sister
a chance at a better life.


When I was seven, my mother left us with our grandmother and went to the United States where she worked long, hard hours at a factory to provide for us back in the Dominican Republic.


Through her hard work, she was able to bring my sister and I to America and finally achieve her dream of a better life for her daughters.


My mother’s selflessness showed me the value of service, and it also taught me from an early age that the things we value in life are worth fighting for.

I was so grateful to come to America that I decided to serve my new country.

I wanted to give back to the country that had welcomed me with open arms and gave me the opportunity to build a life for myself and be successful.


So I joined the U.S. Army and was assigned to the First Cavalry Division Surgeons’ Office in Fort Hood, Texas. I was honored with an Army Commendation Medal, an Army Achievement Medal, and several Department of the Army and First Cavalry Division Certificates of Achievement.


I left the U.S. Army with a passion for serving our community and the work ethic I would need for the tough times ahead.

I was working two to three jobs at a time to put myself through college 
and provide for my daughter as a single mother.

I earned a Bachelor of Science in Social Work degree, and went to work helping other struggling families. But I always wanted to be able to do more for our families.


So with the help of federal student loans and the work ethic of a veteran, I went back to school and earned a Masters’ Degree in Counseling Education


After a successful career in the healthcare industry, helping  families get the care they need for 35 years, I was honored to be elected and serve my community as your
State Representative

As a State Representative, I always put our families first.  I will keep fighting for more funding for our public schools, to create good-paying jobs for every Floridian and to ensure that everyone has access to affordable healthcare.
Awards and Recognition:
  • 113th Congressional Recognition for Dominican Health Care Association of Florida.

  • Beacon Council Finalist Award for Dominican Health Care Association of Florida.

  • Coral Gables Chamber of Commerce

  • AXA Advisors Business Woman of the Year
    Finalist Award

  • Miami Dade Women Chamber of Commerce

  • Thelma Gibson Finalist Award

  • 2012 Hispanic Heritage Star Award,

  • Hispanic Heritage Event Celebration

  • City of Doral, 9/2012100 Dominican List

  • Dominican American Round Table

  • Dominican & Latino March on Washington Honoree

  • 2012 Prominent Dominican in Science

  • Dominican American Heritage & Culture Week, Miami 2011 Excellence Recognition Award

  • Acroarte/La Florida Newspaper/Ministerio de Turismo de la Republica Dominicana, Miami, 2011

  • National Dean’s List 1985

  • Outstanding College Graduate, 1985

Accomplishments and Affiliations:
  • Past President, Democratic Hispanic Caucus,
    Miami Dade County.

  • Democratic Executive Committee, Miami-Dade Democratic Party Area Vice Chair

  • Miami-Dade Democratic Party Committee Woman, Precinct #610

  • Delegate, Democratic National Convention 2012 and 2014

  • White House Working Group Colombian Free Trade Agreement, Washington, 3/2012

  • White House Working Group, Florida Leaders on Fiscal Cliff, Washington, 11/2012