“My family taught me to fight for what I believe in - I believe in a Florida that serves all Floridians, not just a few. I'll fight for a Florida in which education, healthcare, living wages and a safe environment is
available for all." - Daisy

I Believe We Should Build Florida’s Economy of the Future Around the Middle Class. I work hard everyday to protect middle-class families by fighting for a live-able minimum wage, ensuring equal pay, and investing in public education.


I Believe that We Must Resist Trump’s Hateful Immigration Agenda at Every Level. President Trump’s deportation plans are immoral and wrong. I will use every tool available to me to stop Trump from tearing our families apart.


I Believe Everyone Should Be Able to Get the Care They Need. I Believe Everyone Should Have Access to Quality, Affordable Healthcare. So I will fight politicians that want to cut funding for Medicaid and take care away from our seniors. And I will everything I can to make sure that insurance companies can never discriminate against those with pre-existing conditions again.


I Believe that Women Should Be Paid the Same as Men. As a single mother, I know that every penny counts, which is why I believe in passing a women’s equal pay act in Florida. It's 2017,
women should not make 77 cents for every $1 a man makes.


I Believe Good Public Schools are Essential to Our Children’s Success. Which is why I'm committed to increasing education funding and ensuring that 100% of public funds serve our public schools, not private, for-profit schools, so that our children can receive a quality education.


I Believe a College Education Means a Good Job and a Secure Place in the Middle Class. I worked 2-3 jobs and took out student loans to go to college and know how hard it can be. I'll keep fighting to reverse the cuts to the Bright Futures scholarship program, so more of our families can afford to send their children to college.


I Believe Climate Change Puts the Future of Miami At Risk. While Tallahassee politicians have their head in the sand, we are already seeing the effects of climate change in Miami and sea levels will continue to rise. Let’s save our community while creating jobs by turning the Sunshine State into
a leader of solar power.


And I Believe We Deserve a Government That Works for Us. Florida deserves a transparent government. One that serves to protect and improve the quality of life for its citizens and their families. And is not easily bought by special interest groups.

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