Meet Daisy

At the age of 17, like many young dreamers, Daisy emigrated to the United States in search of a better life. On her own in a new country, Daisy devoted herself to service by joining the United States Army, and was assigned to the First Cavalry Division Surgeons' Office in Fort Hood Texas. Daisy was a highly decorated soldier; earning an Army Commendation Medal, an Army Achievement Medal, and several Department of the Army and First Cavalry Division Certificates of Achievement.


Committed to the value of a good education, Daisy worked two to three jobs to put herself through night school, earning a Bachelor of Science in Social Work. As a single mother and social worker, Daisy not only witnessed the everyday struggles of working class Americans to provide food, education, and healthcare for their families - she lived it.










  • Expansion of economic development while preserving the beauty, heritage, and natural resources of its cities and neighborhoods.

  • Education funding and reform that enhances education for all of the children of the district while setting them on a path to higher education and productivity.

  • Work with governmental and community agencies to improve coordination of services.

  • Work with community leaders to develop long term and effective strategies to increase safety and reduce crime.

  • Developing an advisory committee on health care legislation to include physicians, hospital CEO’s, health care executive, and health care company owners among others who would have an active voice in the health care legislative process.


From serving her community to serving her country, Daisy is committed to fighting for what is right. Underlying her success as a veteran, healthcare executive, and social worker is her passion to work for others. Daisy brings years of managerial experience, but most importantly, she brings a unique perspective -- as someone who worked relentlessly to fulfill the promise this country offered her. As your new State Representative, Daisy will work to protect and improve the quality of life for our neighbors and families, bringing ethics, transparency, and service back to Tallahasse. 

Born and raised in the Dominican Republic, Daisy experienced first-hand what it means to be poor. At the age of seven, her mother left Daisy and her sister in the care of their grandmother, while she moved to NYC where she worked long hours in a factory --  just to be able to send money back home and provide for her family.

A hard worker striving to advance her budding career in healthcare, Daisy returned to school, and with the help of federal student loans, earned a Masters' Degree in Counseling Education.


For the last 25 years, Daisy has served various roles in the healthcare industry. This experience has allowed her to understand the complexity of the decisions and dilemmas that doctors, hospitals, and healthcare companies face every day.


Daisy founded and serves as the Executive Director of the Dominican Health Care Association of Florida. She also serves as a member of the Board of Directors at the Merrick House Museum in Coral Gables. She has worked with the board and city leaders to craft a long term structural preservation plan to preserve the house for future generations.


Daisy is excited to bring her experience and perspective to Tallahassee to better serve you, the people of District 114.

Her hopes for District #114 include:

 Awards and Recognition: 


  • 113th Congressional Recognition for Dominican Health Care Association of Florida.

  • Beacon Council Finalist Award for Dominican Health Care Association of Florida.

  • Coral Gables Chamber of Commerce

  • AXA Advisors Business Woman of the Year Finalist Award

  • Miami Dade Women Chamber of Commerce

  • Thelma Gibson Finalist Award

  • 2012Hispanic Heritage Star Award,

  • Hispanic Heritage Event Celebration

  • City of Doral, 9/2012100 Dominican List

  • Dominican American Round Table

  • Dominican & Latino March on Washington Honoree

  • 2012Prominent Dominican in Science

  • Dominican American Heritage & Culture Week, Miami 2011Excellence Recognition Award

  • Acroarte/La Florida Newspaper/Ministerio de Turismo de la Republica Dominicana, Miami, 2011

  • National Dean’s List 1985

  • Outstanding College Graduate, 1985

Acommplishments and Affiliations: 


  • President, Democratic Hispanic Caucus, Miami Dade County.

  • Democratic Executive Committee, Miami-Dade Democratic Party Area Vice Chair

  • Miami-Dade Democratic Party Committee Woman, Precinct #610

  • Delegate, Democratic National Convention 2012

  • White House Working Group Colombian Free Trade Agreement, Washington, 3/2012

  • White House Working Group, Florida Leaders on Fiscal Cliff, Washington, 11/2012